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*Covid-19 update* - (3/23/2020)

************Attention Sprinkler Fitters Local 704***************


As of 12:01 A.M. the state of Michigan has ordered a Shelter in Place order for the entire state.

What that means:

Everyone is asked to stay in their homes. The spread of CORVID-19 has become rampant in the State of Michigan. In an order to help control the spread, this decision was made with everyone’s safety in mind. This needs to be taken seriously, please stay in your residence until the three weeks or a call back to work has been issued.

Most jobsites will be shut down at midnight tonight. Every member’s safety is the concern by the Local first and foremost. No one can be forced into work when their safety is at risk. Every member must decide what is right for them and their family.

IF you choose to go to work, you should undertake a heightened level of hygiene. Wash your hands, even with sanitizer, keep latex gloves with you. Remember to keep a reasonable distance between yourself and any other worker you may encounter.

IF you are going to a jobsite the General Contractor should be expected to have hand wash stations or appropriate facilities to clean.


Local 704’s apprenticeship training center will remain closed until April 10th ,2020. The Local 704 monthly meeting on April 8th ,2020 has been cancelled.

The Union Hall will remain closed to outside personnel. The full-time officers will continue to do their best to answer every call coming in. Cathy will continue to fill out the SUB Forms as members call in.

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