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Update on COVID-19 Protocol - (3/17/2020)


The officers of Local 704 would like to update members on the decisions that have been made due to the on-going issue with coronavirus (COVID-19) within the workplace.

  1. As of Tuesday March 17th, 2020 the Local 704 Training Center is closed, classes are scheduled to resume March 30th, 2020. If this changes, Local 704 will contact all parties involved.
  2. The April 8th, 2020 meeting is still scheduled as planned. The Hall will determine whether to cancel as the date gets closer.
  3. As of Wednesday March 18th, 2020 the Union Hall will be closed to everyone except all full-time staff. If you need to pay dues, we have set up a dropbox in the front vestibule that will always be locked. There will envelopes available at the box. If it is an absolute emergency, please call ahead so we can have information needed available upon arrival.
  4. Most matters can be handled over the phone. Each staff member has an extension on the phone system. The Hall’s number is (248) 474-7553. All Full-Time officers also have cell phones with them at all times.


Please be advised, with job sites shutting down with little to no notice, your employer may send you home. The best solution is to get a layoff. If you become unemployed you are eligible for Unemployment and SUB pay. With the Hall being closed, please call in and we will fill out the SUB Fund paperwork out for you. This is to limit contact with everyone involved.


Because of this pandemic, most offices that we deal with, NASI, the UA and TIC, are on a limited staff. Please realize that this may cause some delays in requests. We will do the best we possibly can, but please be patient.


Please check back with any updates that will follow.

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